Surge Protection

Protect your valuable electronics and appliances from damaging power surges with reliable surge protection solutions from TZ Electric. Our team of experienced electricians specializes in providing comprehensive surge protection services for residential and commercial properties, safeguarding your electrical systems and devices against the harmful effects of voltage fluctuations.

Consultation & Assessment

We begin every surge protection project with a thorough consultation to assess your property’s specific needs and vulnerabilities. Our experts will evaluate your electrical system, identify potential sources of power surges, and recommend the most suitable surge protection solutions to meet your requirements.

Whole-House Surge Protection

Protect your entire property from power surges with whole-house surge protection systems. These devices are installed at your main electrical panel to intercept and divert excessive voltage before it reaches your appliances and electronics, providing comprehensive protection for your entire home or business.

Point-Of-Use Surge Protection

In addition to whole-house surge protection, we also offer point-of-use surge protection devices for individual electronics and appliances. These devices, such as surge-protecting power strips and outlet adapters, offer an extra layer of defense against power surges at the source, minimizing the risk of damage to sensitive equipment.

Installation & Integration

Our licensed electricians will handle all aspects of surge protection installation, from selecting the appropriate surge protection devices to integrating them seamlessly into your existing electrical system. We’ll ensure that devices are installed correctly and wired properly to provide reliable protection without compromising electrical safety.

Testing & Maintenance

After installation, we’ll conduct thorough testing to verify the effectiveness of your surge protection system. We’ll also provide guidance on proper maintenance procedures and recommend periodic inspections to ensure ongoing performance and reliability.

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