Outdoor Electrical

Outdoor electrical systems encompass the infrastructure and components designed for safe and reliable electricity distribution in outdoor environments, catering to various needs and applications.

What Is Outdoor Electrical?

Outdoor electrical refers to the electrical systems and components designed for use in outdoor environments, such as yards, gardens, parks, streets, and industrial facilities’ exteriors. These systems are specifically engineered to withstand exposure to weather elements like rain, snow, wind, and sunlight while providing power for various outdoor applications. Outdoor electrical installations include lighting, power outlets, switches, wiring, and specialized equipment tailored for outdoor use, such as landscape lighting, security lighting, outdoor power outlets, and electric vehicle charging stations. These systems are crucial for enhancing safety, security, and functionality in outdoor spaces while ensuring durability and reliability in challenging environmental conditions.

Main Services

  • Pools
  • Hot tubs
  • Underground service/power to detached structures, including sheds and barns

Low-voltage outdoor and landscape lighting: highlight your home and add elegance and curb appeal with simple, easy-to-use, fully-customizable, permanent outdoor lighting. With our outdoor and landscape lighting solutions, you can:

  • Control lights remotely using a cloud-enabled app
  • Set multiple timers, including an automatic sunset/sunrise option
  • Customize colors for parties or holidays

Applications Of Outdoor Electrical Systems


Lighting: Enhancing the aesthetics and safety of outdoor spaces with strategically placed lighting fixtures.

Security Lighting

Illuminating dark areas and deterring trespassers with motion-activated or continuously lit fixtures.

Power Outlets

Providing convenient access to electricity for outdoor activities, tools, and equipment.

Outdoor Entertainment

Supporting outdoor entertainment areas with electrical connections for speakers, TVs, and cooking appliances.

Street Lighting

Illuminating roads, pathways, and public areas for safety and visibility during nighttime hours.

Commercial Facilities

Powering outdoor machinery, equipment, and lighting in industrial plants, warehouses, and construction sites.

Weather Resistance & Durability

Outdoor electrical components are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, including rain, snow, wind, and extreme temperatures. They feature weatherproof enclosures, corrosion-resistant materials, and sealed connections to prevent water ingress and ensure long-term durability and reliability.

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