Smart Panels (SPAN)

Upgrade your home or business with cutting-edge smart panel technology from TZ Electric. Smart Panels, also known as SPAN systems, revolutionize the way you monitor and control your electrical system, offering enhanced convenience, efficiency, and safety for modern living.

Energy Monitoring

Track your energy consumption in real-time and gain insights into your electricity usage patterns. SPAN systems provide detailed energy monitoring data, allowing you to identify areas for efficiency improvements and cost savings.

Remote Access & Control

Monitor and control your electrical system from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. With SPAN systems, you can remotely turn devices on or off, adjust settings, and receive alerts and notifications for abnormal conditions or potential issues.

Load Management

Optimize your energy usage and prevent overloads with intelligent load management features. SPAN systems automatically balance electrical loads and prioritize critical devices to ensure reliable power distribution and prevent disruptions.

Fault Detection & Diagnostics

Detect electrical faults and abnormalities before they escalate into serious problems. SPAN systems continuously monitor your electrical system for signs of trouble, providing early warning alerts and diagnostic information to help you address issues proactively.

Smart Home Device Integration

Seamlessly integrate your SPAN system with other smart home devices and platforms for enhanced automation and control. Whether it’s coordinating with smart thermostats, lighting systems, or security cameras, SPAN systems offer endless possibilities for customization and integration.

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